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Budapest Tourist Info - Budapest Climate

Climate of Budapest

Hungary has a temperate continental climate. There are substantial differences among the average temperatures of the four seasons. Usually January is the coldest, while the hottest months are July and August in Hungary.

Budapest has a transitional climate that is influenced by the weather of the Transdanubian region (mild and rainy) and the weather of the Great Plain (variable).

The daily temperature fluctuation is quite high. The annual average mean temperature is 9.7 °C in the whole of the country and 11.2°C in Budapest. The mean temperature in the hottest month, July, is 20.0 °C, in the coldest month, January, 2.1 °C. On a hot summer day temperatures may reach 33- 38°C, while in cold winters temperature may drop to -25.0 °C.

Spring starts in early April in Budapest and is accompanied by lots of showers. The summers are dry and warm. Autumns are cool, foggy and rainy. Winters are relatively short, moderately cold and usually dry, but sometimes brilliant sunny. The little snow the city gets usually disappears after a few days.

The yearly rainfall is about 617 mm that consist of two stronger (early summer and autumn) and two dryer periods (middle of winter and early autumn).

Sunny hours/year in Budapest : 1853 hours.

The wind blows usually from Northwest direction during the whole year, but often there are windless days. This causes the heavy fogs in wintertime. The annual average wind speed is 2.4 m/sec.

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