Budapest Tourist Info - Entertainment in Budapest

Budapest Tourist Info - Entertainment in Budapest

Entertainment in Budapest

Budapest offers plenty of possibilities for travellers to entertain. The tourist information offices and hotels are offering free, multi-language program bulletins, which summarise the main events and programs of the actual season. These bulletins also include coupons to some places of entertainment.

Information about classical music events
Budapest is the centre of musical life of Hungary. The easiest way to purchase tickets is to buy them in the central ticket office on Andrássy Avenue or at the hotel receptions.

Information about light music events
Concerts are held in open-air and closed halls, and sport arenas. The biggest light music event of Budapest is the Sziget Festival.

Theatres in Budapest
Today there are more than 40 theatres in Budapest.

Hungarian language cinema and movie finder

Casinos in Budapest
In Budapest there are lots of casinos, usually located in historical buildings, not far from hotels. There is only one casino in Budapest where you can enter without evening dress (Las Vegas Casino).

Casino in Budapest :

Night Life in Budapest
Budapest has plenty of nightclubs and bars, with leaflets of which you will surely meet if you take a walk in Váci Street during the evening. The services and the prices of the night-clubs can be very different. None of them are cheap, but some are very expensive, while some have relatively acceptable prices. We recommend those places that advertise themselves in the official information bulletins.

Budapest restaurants, cafés
There are more than 1000 restaurants in Budapest that equally offer meals of the Hungarian and International Cuisine. It is usual to give tips (10% of the price) to waiters, if the serving fee is not included on the prices.

Hungarian Cuisine
The character of the traditionally heavy and spicy Hungarian Cuisine was influenced by the sophisticated tastes of the French, Italian, Turkish and Serb Cuisine. The paprika is often related being characteristic to the Hungarian Cuisine. The truth is that paprika is the elementary substance of lots of Hungarian dishes, however we have exquisite delicacy and Noblesweet paprika that give the colour and aroma of the paprika, but are actually mild.
The most important Hungarian specialities are: goulash soup, chicken paprikas, Hortobagy pancake, pörkölt, stuffed cabbage, fish soup, sweet-water fishes, goose liver, flat egg-noodles and the deserts like Gundel pancake, Somloi galuska and chestnut puree.

Hungarian wines and wine-tasting
The yearly wine production of Hungary is hl. 4,2 million, that is ripened in the 22 historical wine regions like Tokaj, Villány, Eger and Balaton. Budapest also has a significant storing and bottling capacity. There are a lots of wine stores and wine-tasting places in Budapest. .

Municipal Zoological and Botanical Garden
The monument Zoo, with an atmosphere of the beginning 1900's, is one of the world's oldest Zoo's. The Garden more than 500 animals and 4000 plants are collected. More info about the Zoo:

Amusement Park
The Amusement Park in the Városliget offers big wheel, switchback, shooting gallery, carousel, dodge and many other exciting programs for visitors.

Budapest Great Circus
The Budapest Great Circus in the city park is located here from 1878, but the building became the permanent residence of the circus only in 1971. Performances are held during weekdays twice a day (in the afternoon and in the evening), while during weekends only once in the morning. Tickets can be bought on the spot, but should better be purchased in advance.

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