Budapest Tourist Info - Museums and exhibitions in Budapest

Budapest Tourist Info - Budapest Museums, Exhibitions

Museums and exhibitions in Budapest

More than 100 museum, exhibition halls and galleries can be found in Budapest. Beside the largest museums, several smaller collections with interesting topics are waiting for the visitors. Most of the Budapest museums are open from 10am to 6pm; except from Monday, when they are closed.

The Budapest card ensures free or discounted entry to most of the Budapest museums.

List of museums in Budapest

Aquincum Museum - Budapest
Art Gallery - Budapest
Bible Museum - Budapest
Budapest Gallery - Budapest Exhibition Hall
Budapest Gallery Exhibition House
Castle Museum of Nagytétény - Budapest
Citadel - Budapest
Contra Aquincum - Budapest
Dorottya Gallery - Budapest
Dreher Beer Museum - Memorial House of Beer Industry - Budapest
Duna Museum - Budapest
Ernst Museum - Budapest
Exhibition hall of Physical Education and Sports Museum - Budapest
Flag Museum - Budapest
Golden Eagle Pharmacy - Budapest
Holocaust Documentation Centre and Memorial Collection - Budapest
Hopp Ferenc Museum of Eastern-Asian Art - Budapest
House of Terror - Budapest
Hungarian Jewish Museum and Archives - Budapest
Hungarian Lutheran Museum - Budapest
Hungarian National Gallery - Budapest
Hungarian National Museum - Budapest
Hungarian Pedagogical Library and Museum - Budapest
Hungarian Technological Museum - Budapest
Kodály Zoltán Memorial Museum and Archives - Budapest
Kresz Géza Ambulance Museum - Budapest
Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre - Budapest
Ludwig Museum Budapest - Museum of Contemporary Art - Budapest
Matthias Church -Collection of Ecclesiastical Art - Budapest
Memorial House of Béla Bartók - Budapest
Museum and Institute of Hungarian Theatre History - Budapest
Museum of Actress Bajor Gizi - Budapest
Museum of Applied Arts - Budapest
Museum of Budapest History
Museum of Ethnography- Budapest
Museum of Fine Arts - Budapest
Museum of Fire-Service - Budapest
Museum of History of Music - Budapest
Museum of Hungarian Agriculture - Budapest
Museum of Hungarian Commerce and Catering - Budapest
Museum of Hungarian Electromechanic - Budapest
Museum of Hungarian Natural Sciences - Budapest
Museum of Kiscell - Budapest Art Gallery
Museum of Meat Trade- Budapest
Museum of Military History - Budapest
Museum of Milling Industry - Budapest
Museum of Óbuda- Budapest
Museum of Police History- Budapest
Museum of Thermal Baths - Budapest
Museum of Transportation - Budapest
Museum of Transportation - Museum of Millennium Underground - Budapest
Museum of Transportation - Kossuth Museum-ship - Budapest
Museum of Transportation - History of Aeronautics and Astronautics - Budapest
Park of Bolyai Military Technology - Budapest
Park of Hungarian Rail History - Budapest
Petofi Literary Museum - Budapest
Post Museum - Budapest
Semmelweis Medical History Museum, Library and Archives - Budapest
Stamp Museum - Budapest
Statue Park - Budapest
Telephonic Museum - Budapest
Villa Herkules - Budapest

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