Budapest Tourist Info - Budapest Public Transport

Budapest Tourist Info - Budapest Public Transport

Budapest Public Transport

It is easy to find your way at Budapest. Public transport is the easiest, the most rapid and most environment friendly way of transportation in the capital or bigger towns.

Budapest Card
For foreign travellers we recommend to buy the Budapest Card, which ensures the following discounts for 48 or 72 hours: free use of public transport, free, or discounted entry into more than 60 museums and sights, half-price city tours, discount-price tickets to cultural and folklore programs, discounts at restaurants and thermal baths, discounts at rent a car services, sport areas and many other places. The card is valid for an adult and a child under 14. Attached to the card you receive a colour four-language guide, that describes the use of the card and lists the places where it is accepted. The Budapest card can be bought at main metro ticket offices, tourist information offices, travel agencies, hotels and at the airport.

Budapest Transport Company (BKV)
The Budapest Transport Company operates 5 main sectors (bus, tram, underground, HÉV, Trolley) in a connected network with harmonised timetables. The three metro lines, the buses and trams constitute an extensive transportation network. The length of the total network is 2147,2 Km. Beside the above the BKV operates the Fogaskereku vasút (cog-rail) and the funicular, that better tourist attractions.

Metro lines
The three metro lines meet at the Deák tér. The tickets should be validated before going down to the tunnel at the orange punch slots on the underground station. At the underground ticket offices you can buy the following types of tickets: daily, weekend, weekly, biweekly and monthly tickets. On the metro, usually one ticket is valid only for one line, and new tickets must be used every time you change lines.

Buses, trams, trolleys
The schedules for tram and bus lines display the departure time from the terminal. This means you have to add the time the tram/bus needs to reach your current stop (it is usually indicated on the left side of the schedule). Tickets should be purchased at the red or orange punch slots on board. The express lines have a red number. These lines stop only at the main stops off the route. Some bus lines leave the border of Budapest. The numbers of these buses are crossed with a brown stripe. Outside Budapest you must to validate another ticket. There are also night buses for the most frequent places.

HÉV (suburban railway)
The HÉV lines are part of the Budapest transport system and connect the city with the surrounding towns and villages, like Szentendre, Gödöllo. The BKV tickets and passes are valid on the vehicle, but you have to buy an additional ticket when leaving Budapest borders.

BKV Customer care
For information on lines, schedules (night lines), ticket prices call the customer care or visit the company's website . In case of damage and lost objects you should turn to the customer care as well. You can ask for the lost objects at 11:00 am next day.

Customer care:
Address: Akácfa utca 18.
Postal address: 1980 Budapest Pf. 11.
Phone number: 461-66-88
Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

8.00 - 17.00


8.00 - 18.00



Street parking is regulated by parking meters in the inner city and near sight-worthy monuments, operated by coin or pre-paid parking card. The
maximum time allowed for vehicles to park in downtown parking lots is two hours. If you forget to buy a ticket or leave your car for longer than the time you paid for, your car may be wheelclamped.
Parking Houses in Budapest:
V. Szervita tér 8.
V. Aranykéz utca 4-6.
VII. Nyár utca 20.
VII. Osvát utca 5.
VIII. Ülloi út-Baross utca sarok
VIII. Futó utca 52.

For drivers we suggest to leave their cars in P+R parking places (especially in guarded ones), and continue their route by pubic transport. This is not
only the most environment friendly, but the quickest solution.

The Budapest Taxis have a yellow plate and have a yellow taxi sign on the top of the car. You are recommended to order taxi by phone (taxi company call centres usually speak English) that will arrive in 5-10 minutes. The fares are lower when you call the taxi by phone. Our recommended taxi companies: Budataxi , City taxi

By car in Budapest – Rent a car in Budapest
On the roads of Budapest – similarly to other metropolitans – there is a heavy traffic. To travel by car in the city is recommended to those who know the city. If you would like to rent a car visit the rent a car pages of our website.

It is worth to make a small ship cruise on the Danube within the city or to surrounding towns and villages. Ships operate from May to September. For timetable and rates visit the website of the Hungarian Shipping Company (Mahart ).

At present, there are only a few bike-routes in Budapest and the surroundings, however, the bike-route network develops very dynamically. On the Fogaskereku and the HÉV you can take the bike with yourself, but you have to buy a ticket.

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