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Budapest Tourist Info - Budapest Sights

Sights of Budapest

Buda side - Gellert-hill, Buda castle: Royal Palace, Castle district, The Holy Trinity Square, Fishermen's Bastion, Matthias Church, Maria Magdalene Tower, Cave System

Between Buda and Pest - The most beautiful bridges of Budapest, Margitsziget (Margaret island)

Pest side- Downtown, St. Stephen Basilica, Parliament House, Large Market Hall, Synagogue, Hungarian National Museum, Hungarian State Opera House, Pest Broadway, Academy of Music, Heroes' Square, Municipal Zoological and Botanical Garden, Amusement Park, Castle of Vajdahunyad, Western Railway Station

Hungarian National Museum

Hungary 's largest scientific collection can be found here. The permanent exhibitions of the museum are the history of the Hungarian nation down to the age of the Magyar Conquest, and from the Conquest to 1990, collection of Mineralogical and Zoological materials, Relics of Hungary from Roman times and the Middle Ages. The building played a key role during the 1848 Liberty War. A mass meeting took place in the open area in front of the museum, which proclaimed the demands of the nation for bourgeois reform. The National Song recited by Sándor Petofi and the twelve points of the radical young intellectuals have been read here to the crowd.

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