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Gellert Bath

History of the Bath
We find records about the "miraculous" springs spurting up o­n the territory of the Bath from as early a date as the 15 th century. The Turks later favoured these springs as well, as they were larger and hotter than the Buda baths of the period. In the 17 th century, the site was named Sárosfürdo (Mud bath) because of the fine spring silt that was pushed up together with the spring water and settled at the bottom of the pools.
The Gellert Thermal Bath and Hotel, known world-wide and highly favoured by foreigners, built in a secession style, opened its gates in 1918 and was expanded in 1927 by the wave-bath and in 1934 by the effervescent bath. In the course of the modernisation accomplished in our days, the sitting-pool in the swimming complex, the outdoor sitting pool and the children's pool were renovated; they were equipped with a state-of-the art water filtering and circulation device. At present, nearly all healing facilities may be used in the Gellert Thermal Bath. The Bath includes a department offering complex thermal bath facilities (daytime/outpatient hospital), it also has an inhalatorium.

Bath units
Total number of pools: 13
Effervescent bath section: Effervescent bath pool, Sitting pool
Outdoor pools: Wave bath pool, Sitting pool with fancy facilities, Children's pool
Thermal bath departments: Thermal pools (8)

Water composition
Water supply to the Bath is ensured by the spring accesses established inside the Gellert hill. The water is a hot spring water with calcium, magnesium and hydrogen-carbonate as well as sulphate-chloride, also containing sodium and with a significant content of fluoride ions.

For Therapeutic Diagnoses of
degenerative illnesses of joints, illnesses of the vertebral spine, chronic and semi-acute arthritis, pains of the intervertebral disc, neuralgia, aortic stenosis, blood circulation problems, in the Inhalatorium: treatment of asthmatic, chronic bronchitic complaints

Department ensuring complex thermal bath facilities (daytime outpatient hospital), Gentlemen's and ladies' thermal bath pools, Gentlemen's and ladies' weight baths, Carbonic acid tub-bath, Medical healing massage, Refreshing massage, Underwater water-beam massage, Foot massage, Dry and steam saunas, Finnish sauna, with cold dive-pools, Mud packing, Physiotherapy, Tooth-gum shower, Inhalation, Healing gymnastics, Bathing suit rentals, Custody of garments and valuables, Exchange of foreign currency, Hairdresser's shop, Cosmetics, Solarium, Manicure, Foot care, Buffets, Dental surgery, Ladies' and group naturists' sunbath premises, Provision of sites for social events after opening hours, o­n demand with use of bath as well.

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