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Rudas Thermal Bath

History of the bath
The centerpiece of the bath today, the Turkish bath, was built during the 16th century in the period of the Turkish occupation. Below the 10 m diameter dome, sustained by 8 pillars, there is an octagonal pool. The thermal bath has been visited from 1936 o­n exclusively by men. The swimming pool, operating as a therapeutic swimming facility and with a sauna, was built in 1896.
In its drinking hall, the water of the springs Hungária, Attila and Juventus can be consumed for the purposes of a drinking cure. In the bath, there is a daytime outpatient hospital operating with a complex physiotherapy department.

Bath units
Steam Pools (6), swimming pool

Water composition
Radio-active hot spring water with calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonate also containing sodium and sulphate and with a significant content of fluoride ions.

Therapeutic proposals
degenerative illnesses of joints, chronical and semi-acute arthritis cases, protruded intervertebral disc, neuralgia, states of calcium deficiency of the bone system.

Thermal bath, Tub-bath, Underwater massage by water beam, Family tub-bath with steam chamber, Swimming pool, Drinking cure, Daytime hospital with complex physiotherapy department, Foot care, Medical healing massage, Refreshing massage, Dry sauna and steam sauna chamber, Sale of newspapers, Bazaar outlets, Buffet.

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